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Open House in Marburg, Germany

CSL Behring welcomes 5,000 visitors to its manufacturing and R&D site.

Visitors get a close look at operations at CSL Behring's leading-edge facility in Marburg, Germany, during an open house event.

More than 5,000 visitors recently took the opportunity to look behind the scenes of CSL Behring's leading-edge operation in Marburg, Germany, at an open house event for multiple businesses based at the site called “Behringwerke.”

The program mixed information with entertainment and invited both children and adults on tours of the facility, where the company researches and manufactures treatments for people with rare and serious diseases. CSL Behring volunteers helped make the event a success by staffing 16 stations, where visitors could learn what the company does and what it’s like to work there.

“The curiosity and enthusiasm of the visitors about what we are doing at the site motivates us every day,” said Lutz Bonacker, CSL Behring’s Senior Vice President & General Manager EU, Global Commercial Operations.