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Small Village, Big Impact

CSL Behring’s innovative Lengnau, Switzerland, facility by the numbers.

CSL Behring facility in Lengnau, Switzerland

In the small village of Lengnau in Switzerland (home to approximately 5,000 people), something big has arisen with the new, leading-edge manufacturing site of CSL Behring. Once fully operational, the Lengnau site will manufacture lifesaving medicines for rare disease patients around the world. Locally, it will create 300 new jobs in addition to the 250 employees already working at the site.

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In order to get an idea of the dimensions, Vita put together some facts and figures.

  • The new facility in Lengnau is being built on 142,000 square meters (466,000 square feet), which is the size of about 20 football (soccer) fields.
  • In total, the volume of excavation material is 170,000 cubed meters (558,000 cubed feet), which corresponds to 11,000 truckloads.
  • 2,666 concrete piles are drilled 17 meters into the ground, laying the foundation in order to give the necessary stability to the 52,000 square-meter (170,000 square foot) complex.
  • Around 43,000 cubed meters (140,000 cubed feet) of concrete is being used, which corresponds to the loading volume of more than 4,000 concrete mixers.
  • The current construction volume is 306,000 cubed meters (1 million cubed feet) which can be compared with the volume of around 122 Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • The complex mechanical installation is in full speed after the start of interior work last year. The length of laid pipes is 55 kilometers (34 miles), which exceeds the distance of a marathon.

These numbers are just the beginning; there is plenty of space for expansion.