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How CSL Behring Uses Virtual Reality in Bern

Employees “see” critical data at Swiss manufacturing site thanks to app.

A view from CSL Behring's award-winning app, which allows employees to “see” critical data through mixed reality glasses.

BERN, Switzerland - Imagine you’re in charge of a delicate operation – fractionating human plasma into components needed to make critical treatments for people who have rare and serious diseases.

Precision matters. Processes happen in parallel. Time is tight. So why not make the process quicker and more efficient with virtual reality? That’s the idea behind the augmented reality app “PlasmiX” being developed at CSL Behring’s leading-edge manufacturing site in Bern.

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 For a user wearing mixed reality glasses, PlasmiX makes the invisible visible. Real-time data is projected on real objects, such as manufacturing equipment, and gives employees instant readings. Workers can act rapidly without needing to visit the control room.

The “smart factory” technology recently won a gold at the Best of Swiss App Awards 2018. CSL Behring welcomes this immersive technology and is examining the need for further development.