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Heroes Who Work Here: Roy Pura

From advising officers to advising government and company leaders.

Roy Pura as a Senior Manager of State Government Affairs for CSL Behring and during his time in the U.S. Marine Corps.
Roy Pura as a Senior Manager of State Government Affairs for CSL Behring (left) and wearing camouflage as a U.S. Marine (right).

Although Roy Pura’s current job takes him on the road often, he routinely gives back to the veteran community in his hometown and beyond.

Vita caught up with Roy to learn more about his military service and passion for helping people with rare diseases.

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How and why did you serve in the military?

I always had a desire to serve my country in the best way possible and I saw the Marines as a great way to do that.

I was a Marine Corps mortar man from 1991-2001. Most of my time was in the Reserves, so I was able to work in the civilian sector simultaneously.

What is your role at CSL Behring?

I am the Senior Manager of State Government Affairs for the central region of the United States. I work with legislators, state officials, agencies and organizations to advance policies and laws that benefit patients and support biotechnology innovation.

How do the skills from your military service relate to your on-the-job experience?

When you’re trained to serve in the military, your mindset is all about the mission. As a squad leader for an 81mm mortar gun team, I was a leader in the field and a trusted advisor to officers in my chain of command. All of this applies to my job at CSL Behring.

The company trusts me to be a leader in the region for which I am responsible. My mission is to advise external stakeholders and internal leaders on how legislation or policies could impact our industry, our business and most importantly – the patients we serve.

You seem passionate about giving back to the veteran community, even those you don’t know. Tell us about this?

Although my time in uniform is done, my commitment to service isn’t. Many veterans face a variety of challenges and I’m committed to supporting them however I can.

I am active with several veteran service organizations, including the American Legion and The Forty and Eight. My goal is to connect veterans to needed resources that they might not know about. I also spend a lot of time developing programs for kids  -- from chartering a new Boy Scouts organization in my community to organizing a baseball team supported by the local American Legion.

One volunteer activity that is very near and dear to my heart is participating in the combined American Legion/Veterans of Foreign Wars honor guard. We provide a proper military service at the wake, funerals and memorials of veterans and active service members.

What is your message for other veterans who might be considering a role at CSL Behring?

I’m proud to work at CSL Behring because this is a company that does a great job of recognizing and taking care of our veterans. If you are looking for a welcoming place that recognizes your sacrifice and that of your loved ones, this is one of the places.