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Hello Happy Campers

Kids with bleeding disorders celebrate summer at camps designed for fun and learning.

Kids with bleeding disorders celebrate summer at camps designed for fun and learning
Some Arizona campers tackle an inflatable water gym called “The Avalanche.” The Arizona Hemophilia Association is one of a network of hemophilia chapters across the United States that offer an annual summer camp experience, designed especially for kids and teens who have bleeding disorders. (Photo provided by the Arizona Hemophilia Association)

It’s that time of year. Thanks to hemophilia chapters across the United States, summer camps are welcoming kids who have bleeding disorders for a week of sun, fun and s’mores.

The summer camps, with names like Camp Klotty Pine and Camp Notaclotamongus, also offer a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer connections and role modeling. Many children start learning to self-infuse the medicine they need at summer camp, where they get instruction and can even receive the “Big Stick” award for learning to infuse their therapy entirely on their own. The National Hemophilia Foundation provides a list of camp opportunities, which run from May to October.

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(Photo provided by the Arizona Hemophilia Association)