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Bringing Bright Minds to Biotech

Participants in CSL Behring apprentice program develop recruiting pitches.

Katharina Becker
Apprentice Katharina Becker at work at CSL Behring’s leading-edge biotechnology facility in Marburg, Germany. Becker was a part of a team of CSL Behring apprentices that won a special honor for designing a poster aimed at attracting young talent to careers in biotechnology.

In order to develop ways to attract bright young minds to careers in biotechnology, an industry group in Germany recently turned to a natural resource: bright young talent that had recently started working in the industry.

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At a recent annual contest, industry group HessenChemie asked teams of apprentices, including six teams from CSL Behring’s leading-edge manufacturing site in Marburg, Germany, how to best implement a campaign to attract “brilliant minds” for biotech apprenticeships.

The apprentices were free to utilize whatever methods they deemed effective for their campaign. Two CSL Behring teams took special honors at the event. One created an elaborately designed poster about a biology lab assistant position that was deemed the best by online voters. Another CSL Behring team was honored by a jury for creating a Facebook page on which different training professions are presented.

Katharina Becker, a member of one of the winning teams, summed up her takeaway from the experience as “communication is most important.”

The awards come with a nice perk as well: a three-day sailing trip on the Ijsselmeer, a popular resort waterway in the Netherlands.