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Welcome to Vita

Vita means life. It's the place where we share stories about the promise of biotech.

Vita Logo and Image

At CSL Behring, we are driven by our promise to patients…and have been for more than a century. And we’re here to deliver for patients. After all, what's more important than saving lives?

Our Patient Focus has just reached a new level. Digital communications has assisted patients with rare and serious diseases to learn more, create meaningful conversations, bridge knowledge gaps, and promote opportunities for greater interaction. To further foster these opportunities – we are establishing this digital news channel, Vita, to leverage our well-established insight, leadership and patient focus that strive to help people with serious medical conditions, and those who support them, live life to the fullest.

We chose Vita as the name for our news site because Vita means life. At CSL Behring, our focus is on developing and delivering biotherapies that save lives.Vita is the place where we share those stories, to provide insight about, and awareness of, the ever-evolving promise of biotechnology.

takes you behind the scenes to meet the people who research, develop, produce and deliver life-saving therapies across more than 60 countries. We talk to researchers who are addressing unmet medical needs or working to improve on current treatments. We explain the science behind their work and show you what a passionate biotech company looks like in action. And we provide our perspective on the often-complex medical issues of the day.

There is drama and emotion in the promise of biotechnology. We find it in the stories of patients and their families, and in the persistence and resolve of our researchers. And we see it in the drive and enduring optimism of our employees, who are committed to delivering on our promise of a brighter future.

Vita’s audience includes patients and their families, health care providers, the media, our people and other key stakeholders. Our content is rooted in great storytelling: well-told narratives; clear, explanatory prose; and compelling photos, video and infographics. We deliver our content on the Vita site; direct to your inbox, through our weekly e-newsletter; and online through our social media channels.

With Vita, developing and delivering thoughtful, focused and emotionally compelling content is our promise to you.


Anthony Farina is Chief Communications Officer and Vice President of Corporate Affairs for CSL Limited.