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Material Transfers

Material Transfers

CSL Behring supports Material Transfer (MT) of post-approval product in limited quantity via the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA). MT requests must undergo a thorough internal review process to ensure the protection of the intellectual property of CSL Behring.

Guidelines for Material Transfer Agreements

To request a Material Transfer, an external investigator must be a licensed healthcare provider or a researcher at a licensed laboratory or government agency (eg, NIH, FDA, etc.). The following documents are required:

  • Letter on official institution letterhead describing the intended use 
    • Must not be for in vivo human studies.
    • Must not be for patient use intended to replace product for on-label or off-label use.
    • Must not be for the determination of the integrity and the properties of the product. Must not be for the purpose of pursuing a new indication, new use, or new form of the CSL product.
  • An online application submitted through the portal
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV), signed and dated
  • W-9 of receiving institution
  • Copy of your medical license or pharmacy license of the receiving institution

Application Request Process

  • To start an application click on "Apply Here".
  • Log in to your account. First time requestors must create an account.
  • Your request will be reviewed and we will notify you via email of the decision.
  • If your request is approved, you will be contacted regarding the Agreement and disbursement process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can we request more than two vials of product?
A: The maximum amount of product available via this program is two vials.

Q: Can we use the product for Clinical Trials on humans?
A: No.

Q: How long does the review process take?
A: Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis and you will be notified when the CSL Behring Review Committee has arrived at a decision. Decisions are based on medical and scientific value in addition to current resources and research priorities.