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2011 News Releases

2011 News Releases

CSL Behring Awards Lead Grant to Patient Organizations to Educate Constituents on State Insurance Exchanges
02 Dec 2011

CSL Behring announced today that it has awarded a $40,000 advocacy grant to the American Plasma Users Coalition (A-PLUS) through its Local Empowerment for Advocacy Development (LEAD) program.

Study Shows C1-Esterase Inhibitor Concentrate Is Safe and Consistently Effective for Long-Term Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema Attacks at Any Body Location
05 Nov 2011

C1-esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) concentrate at 20 U/kg is a safe and effective therapy for the long-term treatment of successive acute swelling attacks at any body location in patients with hereditary angioedema (HAE), a rare and serious genetic disorder, according to final data presented today at the 2011 American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Meeting.

Study Shows Efficacy of C1-Esterase Inhibitor Concentrate in Treating Acute Attacks of Hereditary Angioedema in Children and Adolescents
05 Nov 2011

New findings demonstrate that treatment with C1-esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) concentrate is effective in treating acute swelling attacks in children and adolescents with type I or type II hereditary angioedema (HAE), a rare and serious genetic disorder. Study results show that the outcomes of treatment with C1-INH during acute HAE attacks in children and adolescents are comparable to the outcomes observed in adults.

National Jewish Health Names Recipient of The CSL Behring – National Jewish Health Fellowship in Immunology
04 Nov 2011

National Jewish Health (NJH) announced that Jordan Abbott, M.D., is the recipient of the CSL Behring – National Jewish Health Fellowship in Immunology for 2011

CSL Behring Named Life Sciences Company Of The Year By Philadelphia Business Journal and Pennsylvania Bio
06 Oct 2011

CSL Behring, a global biotherapeutics company specializing in plasma-derived and recombinant therapies that does business in 27 countries, has been named Life Sciences Company of the Year by Philadelphia Business Journal and Pennsylvania Bio.

Young People With Rare Medical Conditions Faced With Care Issues and Possible Healthcare Cuts Make Their Voices Heard
29 Sep 2011

Young people between the ages of 15 and 22 converged on Washington, D.C. this summer, eager to tell elected officials their personal stories. The stories are as varied as the towns and cities from where they hail, places like San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Des Moines and New York..

Plasma Protein Therapies Month Raises Awareness of Rare Diseases And The Importance of Donating Plasma
14 Sep 2011

Every year thousands of people in the United States who suffer with rare and serious disorders such as hemophilia, hereditary angioedema, von Willebrand disease, primary immune deficiencies and inherited respiratory disease receive lifesaving therapies derived from human plasma. These conditions affect people of all ages from children to the elderly, and from all ethnic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds.

CSL Behring Seeks Proposals for Interlaken Leadership Awards, Supporting Innovative Research into Neuroimmunology
06 Sep 2011

To demonstrate its continued commitment to innovative immunoglobulin (Ig) research, CSL Behring announced today it is seeking proposals for the next round of Interlaken Leadership Awards. Established in 2010, this annual global awards program provides monetary grants and/or product supply to advance medical research and knowledge about the potential role of immunoglobulin therapy in the treatment of neurological disorders.

CSL Behring Receives European Health Authorities’ Approval for Self-Administration of Berinert
25 Aug 2011

CSL Behring today announced that European health authorities have approved self-administration of Berinert, a C1-esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) concentrate indicated in Europe for the treatment of acute attacks of hereditary angioedema (HAE), a rare, serious, and sometimes life-threatening genetic disorder.

CSL Behring Donates von Willebrand Factor / Factor VIII Donation to World Federation of Hemophilia
18 Jul 2011

The donation supports WFH’s progress in improving the diagnosis and treatment of bleeding disorders in developing countries through its Global Alliance for Progress (GAP) program.

Stress-Relieving Tips for Families Living with a Serious Medical Condition
22 Jun 2011

A chronic or rare illness can harm more than a person’s health, it can also affect the strongest of relationships.

New Survey Finds Lack of Communication Between Women and Healthcare Providers About Symptoms of Dangerous Bleeding Disorder
07 Jun 2011

While millions of women are experiencing symptoms that could indicate a serious bleeding disorder, nearly half of them are not discussing those symptoms with their healthcare provider, according to new survey findings.

CSL Behring Receives EU Orphan Drug Designations for rVIIa-FP for Hemophilia A and B Treatment
31 May 2011

CSL Behring announced today that it has been granted Orphan Drug Designations (ODD) by the European Commission for the development of its recombinant fusion protein linking coagulation factor VIIa with albumin (rVIIa-FP), a novel therapy to treat hemophilia A and hemophilia B patients with inhibitors.

National Organization For Rare Disorders Presents
CSL Behring With 2011 Corporate Award
17 May 2011

The award was presented this evening at the NORD Partners in Progress Celebration 2011 for "new treatments brought to market for patients with rare diseases."

CSL Behring Honors Recipients of the 2011 Interlaken Leadership Awards
02 May 2011

CSL Behring today honored the achievements of six scientists with the inaugural 2011 Interlaken Leadership Awards for advancing medical research and knowledge about the potential role of immunoglobulin therapy for the treatment of neurological disorders. The total value of the six awards is estimated to be more than $1.2 million.

CSL Behring Receives European Commission Marketing Authorization for Hizentra, the first 20 Percent Subcutaneous Human Immunoglobulin for Treatment of Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies
21 Apr 2011

CSL Behring announced today that the European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Hizentra® (Human Normal Immunoglobulin), 20 percent solution for subcutaneous injection, for treating patients diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency (PI) as well as secondary immunodeficiencies. This authorization is valid for all 29 European/European Economic Area member states.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment the Focus of International Dialogue on Primary Immunodeficiency Disease
20 Apr 2011

Thought leaders from the medical, scientific and patient advocacy communities gathered in New York and London for CSL Behring's Key Issues Dialogue–Immunoglobulin to examine challenges facing patients with primary immunodeficiencies.

When is a Cold Not Just a Cold?
19 Apr 2011

For parents, trying to determine whether to take a child who is experiencing the signs of a cold to the doctor can be a regular occurrence. From runny noses to ear infections, kids can pass illnesses back and forth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that children have about two to nine illnesses per year, nearly double the number of colds adolescents and adults experience during the same timeframe.

FDA Approves Expansion of Innovative CSL Behring Hizentra® Production Facility in Bern, Switzerland
19 Apr 2011

CSL Behring’s capacity to produce Hizentra, a key product in its global immunoglobulin portfolio, has more than doubled following U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the company’s high tech production facility in Bern, Switzerland, where Hizentra is produced.

CSL Behring marks World Hemophilia Day by announcing the winners of the 'CSL Behring – Prof. Heimburger Award 2011'
15 Apr 2011

CSL Behring, a world leader in the development of plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutics, today announced the winners of this year’s prestigious CSL Behring Prof. Heimburger Award 2011. The announcement coincides with World Hemophilia Day and reflects this year’s theme to "Be Inspired, Get Involved in Treatment for All.