CSL Behring Launches Voice2Voice™ Vivaglobin® Advocacy Program for New Patients and Caregivers

Program offers peer support to help new patients transition onto Vivaglobin

King of Prussia, PA — 11 December 2008

CSL Behring, a worldwide leader in developing immunoglobulin therapies, announced today the launch of Voice2Voice™, a consumer outreach program offering peer-to-peer support to primary immunodeficiency (PI) patients and caregivers. The program will offer assistance exclusively to new patients as they begin at-home use of Vivaglobin® (Immune Globulin Subcutaneous, Human), the first and only U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved subcutaneous immunoglobulin (Ig) for treatment of patients with primary immunodeficiency.

Through Voice2Voice, a third party assigns new patients and caregivers their own personal advocate, a patient experienced in self-administering Vivaglobin, who will call them to help ease the transition to at-home self-administration. The advocate’s phone call strives to help new patients and caregivers understand what Vivaglobin therapy entails, to promote sharing of personal experiences with the treatment, to answer any non-medical infusion questions that might arise and to offer encouragement.

"We are pleased to provide new patients and caregivers with an additional resource to help them start their Vivaglobin therapy at home," said Robert Lefebvre, general manager and vice president of CSL Behring’s U.S. Commercial Operations. "After all, who better to offer encouragement and non-medical guidance than patients who have first-hand experience self-administering Vivaglobin?"

Each patient who starts on Vivaglobin will receive a starter kit to help manage his or her therapy. The kit includes administration guides, a patient brochure, an instructional DVD, product information, a treatment journal, and a brochure about the CSL Behring Assurance Program. The Assurance Program is designed to ensure that people who rely on Vivaglobin can continue to receive the product even if they experience a lapse in their third-party, private health insurance. The starter kit also contains a business reply card that patients can use to sign up for Voice2Voice.

New patients can also register for Voice2Voice by contacting the Vivaglobin Resource Center at 1-877-VIVAGLOBIN. For more information about Vivaglobin therapy, please visit

About Vivaglobin
Vivaglobin is delivered directly under the skin via a small portable pump. In clinical trials, Vivaglobin was shown to be a safe and effective immunoglobulin replacement therapy for treating patients with PI.

As with all immune globulin products, Vivaglobin is contraindicated in individuals with a history of anaphylactic or severe systemic response to immune globulin preparations and in persons with selective immunoglobulin A deficiency who have known antibody against IgA.

Vivaglobin is derived from human plasma. As with all plasma-derived products, the risk of transmission of infectious agents including viruses - and theoretically, the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) agent - cannot be eliminated completely.

The most frequent adverse event reported in clinical trials was injection-site reaction, consisting of mild or moderate swelling, redness and itching. No serious local site reactions were observed and reactions tended to decrease substantially after repeated use. Other adverse events included headache, gastrointestinal disorder, fever, nausea, sore throat and rash. More information about Vivaglobin, including its full prescribing information, is available at

About CSL Behring
CSL Behring is a global leader in the plasma protein biotherapeutics industry. Passionate about saving and improving the quality of patients' lives, CSL Behring manufactures and markets a range of safe and effective plasma-derived and recombinant products and related services. The company's therapies are used in the treatment of rare diseases such as immune deficiency disorders, hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, other bleeding disorders and inherited emphysema. Other products are used for the prevention of hemolytic diseases in the newborn, in cardiac surgery, organ transplantation and in the treatment of burns. The company also operates one of the world's largest plasma collection networks, ZLB Plasma. CSL Behring is a subsidiary of CSL Limited, a biopharmaceutical company with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit

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