Local Empowerment for Advocacy Development (LEAD)

The Local Empowerment for Advocacy Development (LEAD) Program is a novel program that CSL Behring's partnerships with local patient organizations on the state level. CSL Behring believes that successful advocacy results from the empowerment of those that are impacted by a particular issue. For example, public policies that affect the users of plasma-derived and recombinant therapies are now typically being developed at the state level; therefore, local organizations need to develop the capability to address this pressing need.

CSL Behring recognizes that many local patient advocacy organizations need to expand their advocacy capabilities in order to address both present and future needs. CSL Behring’s LEAD Program assists local advocacy organizations in the development of their advocacy capabilities.

The program has two specific initiatives:

  • LEAD Grants
    These $10,000 grants are intended to help promote and develop advocacy development on the local level by helping further an existing advocacy initiative; providing assistance in developing a new initiative; building a grassroots database, etc. LEAD Grants enable local organizations to implement special advocacy initiatives.

    Find out about the LEAD grant program and whether your organization would be eligible to submit a proposal.

  • Raise Your Voice! – This program supports youth advocacy training programs administered by local patient advocacy organizations. The training program serves as an introduction to advocacy for youth, aged 16 to 23 years, and is held at a state capitol. CSL Behring will collaborate with partnering state advocacy organizations to develop advocacy training programs, to offer legislative visits and to provide interesting political speakers.

    Raise Your Voice! assists in the development of the next generation of advocacy leaders for local advocacy organizations. By funding, organizing and structuring the initial program, the local organization has a construct, which can be easily replicated in the future. Together we develop the advocacy leaders of tomorrow.

    Find out more about Raise Your Voice! to see if this program would be of interest to your local organization.

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