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21 April 2011 CSL Behring Receives European Commission Marketing Authorization for Hizentra®, the first 20 Percent Subcutaneous Human Immunoglobulin for Treatment of Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies

CSL Behring announced today that the European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Hizentra® (Human Normal Immunoglobulin), 20 percent solution for subcutaneous injection, for treating patients diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency (PI) as well as secondary immunodeficiencies. This authorization is valid for all 29 European/European Economic Area member states.

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20 April 2011 Early Diagnosis and Treatment the Focus of International Dialogue on Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

Thought leaders from the medical, scientific and patient advocacy communities gathered in New York and London for CSL Behring's Key Issues Dialogue–Immunoglobulin to examine challenges facing patients with primary immunodeficiencies. They found common ground between the US and Europe on access-to-care issues such as early diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiency disease (PID) and explored possible ways of improving patient care.

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19 April 2011 FDA Approves Expansion of Innovative CSL Behring Hizentra® Production Facility in Bern, Switzerland

CSL Behring’s capacity to produce Hizentra® a key product in its global immunoglobulin portfolio, has more than doubled following U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the company’s high tech production facility in Bern, Switzerland, where Hizentra is produced. While demand for Hizentra is growing rapidly in the United States, CSL Behring anticipates regulatory approvals of Hizentra in European countries, with subsequent product launches in individual European countries. Further, the product is in clinical development in Japan. Uptake of Hizentra in those regions is forecast to be sizeable over time.

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19 April 2011 When is a Cold Not Just a Cold?

For parents, trying to determine whether to take a child who is experiencing the signs of a cold to the doctor can be a regular occurrence. From runny noses to ear infections, kids can pass illnesses back and forth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that children have about two to nine illnesses per year, nearly double the number of colds adolescents and adults experience during the same timeframe.

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15 April 2011 CSL Behring marks World Hemophilia Day by announcing the winners of the 'CSL Behring – Prof. Heimburger Award 2011'

CSL Behring, a world leader in the development of plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutics, today announced the winners of this year’s prestigious CSL Behring – Prof. Heimburger Award 2011. The announcement coincides with World Hemophilia Day and reflects this year’s theme to "Be Inspired, Get Involved in Treatment for All."

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