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29 October 2010 CSL Behring Launches Interlaken Leadership Awards to Support Research into Neuroimmunology

To demonstrate its continued commitment to innovative immunoglobulin (Ig) research, CSL Behring announced today it has created the Interlaken Leadership Awards. This global awards program will provide monetary grants to advance medical research and knowledge about the potential role of immunoglobulin therapy in the treatment of neurologic disorders.

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27 October 2010 FDA/EMA blood 'cluster:' Pharma could benefit from streamlined clinical trial requirements

The FDA and EMA's most recently formed discussion group addresses blood-related drug products, and pharma companies involved in the space said they hope the agencies can agree on study designs. The result could be the avoidance of unnecessary testing replication or unnecessary diverse testing methodologies, sources said.

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19 October 2010 Primary Immunodeficiency Can Isolate People from World, Loved Ones

Imagine living in a world where even common germs can trigger extreme illness that won’t go away. This is the reality for nearly 10 million children and adults living with primary immunodeficiency (PI).

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07 October 2010 Study Demonstrates Safety and Efficacy of Subcutaneous Vivaglobin® as First-Line Therapy for Primary Immunodeficiency

Vivaglobin® (subcutaneous immunoglobulin [IgG]) (SCIg) is an effective and safe initial therapy for treatment-naïve patients with primary immunodeficiency (PI) and may offer an attractive alternative to intravenous IgG (IVIG) therapy in the newly diagnosed, according to data presented today at the XIVth Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies. The study found that IgG replacement therapy initiated with Vivaglobin in patients with PI provided adequate serum IgG levels, protected the patients from infections, and improved health-related quality of life, without raising safety concerns.

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07 October 2010 Privigen® Demonstrates Efficacy and Tolerability Among Patients With Various Immunodeficiencies, Data Show

Privigen®, the first and only 10% liquid intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) therapy stabilized with proline, is effective and well tolerated in patients with several primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, according to data presented today at the XIVth Meeting of the European Society for Immunodeficiencies. Results also demonstrate that Privigen offers significant protection against infection.

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