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Key Issues Dialogue : Albumin in Clinical Fluid Management
Key Issues Dialogue:
Albumin in Clinical Fluid Management

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   CSL CEO Paul Perreault discusses company's patient advocacy role.
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CSL Behring is a biotherapies company committed to saving lives and improving the lives of people with rare and serious diseases worldwide.

We publish magazines, brochures, newsletters and policy papers that address healthcare issues associated with our biotherapies. These publications include our Key Issues Dialogue series and Policy Impact.


Key Issues Dialogue is a magazine series presenting discussions among thought leaders about important and emerging issues that are vitally important to people with diseases treated by CSL Behring biotherapies. These dialogues offer an exchange of valuable information and viewpoints about the latest medical and research advances.

Policy Impact is a public policy newsletter that keeps legislators, physicians and patients informed about critical public policy issues associated with access to care. CSL Behring supports this commitment through the activities of our public affairs group.

In the United States, Policy Impact, US provides timely information about CSL Behring’s ongoing advocacy work throughout the US with stakeholders and political thought leaders. Policy Impact, EU presents news about CSL Behring's wide-range of advocacy initiatives throughout Europe. These initiatives, which include interacting with decision-makers to influence public policies, are designed to help people with rare and serious diseases obtain the treatment and care they need to remain healthy.


Glossary includes appropriate health-related terminology.

Useful Links provides a link to and a synopsis of other recognized and respected Web sites, including patient and healthcare organizations.

Browse Audio & Video, items of interest to CSL Behring audiences.

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