What to Expect When You Volunteer

The exact clinical trial process depends on the study. Typically, however, the study team of healthcare professionals determines a participant’s eligibility, provides instructions for participating in the trial, carefully monitors participants, and maintains contact with participants after the trial is completed.

Determining Eligibility

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Before you can participate in a clinical trial, you will be screened to determine your eligibility. The criteria used to determine whether a person is eligible to participate in a clinical trial are defined in the study protocol.

  • Screening –To determine whether you satisfy the criteria, you will be asked a series of questions. If you qualify, you will then be screened by the study coordinator. During the screening, your medical history will be taken, a physical exam will be performed and necessary laboratory tests will be scheduled.
  • Informed Consent –If you are eligible to participate in the study (based on the outcome of screening), the study coordinator will explain the study, answer your questions and outline the procedures. This process is called informed consent and is legally required before you can enroll in a clinical trial.

Before you enroll in the study, consider your rights and responsibilities as a participant and review your list of questions to make sure you have all the answers you need.

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