Learn More About Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Studies

Trial Phases
Before clinical trials begin, investigational drugs first undergo preclinical testing. If the preclinical trials are successful, clinical trials are conducted in three or more phases.

Enrolling in a Clinical Trial
Before enrolling in a clinical trial, a number of factors need to be established.

What to Expect When You Volunteer
Each clinical trial is unique, but the first step is to learn about the study and determine if you are eligible to participate.

Questions to Ask the Study Team
Each clinical trial study has its own protocols and medications. Learn about the study you are considering.

Your Rights in a Clinical Trial
As a subject in a study you are entitled to specific rights.

Your Responsibilities in a Clinical Trial
A clinical trial investigation must comply with a specific plan or protocol. In order to meet its objectives, the study team will outline its expectations regarding your roles and responsibilities in the process. This ensures that the data obtained from the study meets rigorous scientific requirements.

Informed Consent
Understanding your role in clinical trials and signing an informed consent form are required for clinical trial enrollment. However, informed consent is not a contract, and, if necessary, you can withdraw from the study.

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